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Quality management supervisor

Shanghai | | Shanghai | | Minhang District - -

6000 - 8000


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operational area: Shanghai | | Shanghai | | Minhang District - - the nature of jobs:Full time the nature of jobs: 6000 - 8000

College degree or above, major in pharmacy, medicine, biology, etc., engaged in quality management for more than 3 years, has comprehensive insights on quality, team spirit and certain organizational capabilities, after the "Standards for the Production of Sterile Medical Devices" / "Medical Equipment Production Regulations or ISO training, with internal auditor qualification. Experience with active medical device products or sterile medical devices is preferred.


Work content

1. Assist the quality manager, responsible for the establishment, maintenance and improvement of the company's entire quality management system.

2. Under the leadership of the quality manager, implement the quality policy, and implement the quality policy and quality objectives in the company's annual policy objectives, and organize and implement through internal communication.

3. Responsible for effective inspections in the production quality system, timely detection of loopholes, and effective measures and continuous improvement.

4. Reponsible for the review of batch records and release of finished products.

5. Responsible for the company's various quality audits.

6. Supervise and inspect the implementation of various departments in the production quality management system, and in accordance with the relevant reward and punishment system, have the right to make corrections and penalties for employees who violate the rules.

7. Responsible for the process of classification, collection and processing, delivery and application, statistics and analysis of quality management information, control and management.

8. Assist the quality manager to organize the evaluation of quality accidents, major customer complaints and non-conforming products.

9. When the quality manager is absent, an agent exercises the relevant affairs and determines the responsibilities.

10. Guide, deploy, and supervise the work of other QC personnel.


Product Specialist / Supervisor / Manager

Shanghai | | Shanghai | | Minhang District - -

4000 - 20000


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operational area: Shanghai | | Shanghai | | Minhang District - - the nature of jobs:Full time the nature of jobs: 4000 - 20000

Product research and analysis

1) Analysis of competitive product characteristics and price system;

2) End users use feedback collection;

3) Mining and summarizing product functions;

4) Collection and organization of academic articles;

5) Research and recommendations on the direction of industry development;


sales support

1) Sales kit material production;

2) Production of promotional materials;

3) Development and maintenance of KOL;

4) Technical training for sales teams and agents;

5) Overseas registration work support.


Project management

1) Participate in cross-sectoral projects;

2) Ensure resource input;

3) Track the project process;

4) Report the process to the supervisor and add additional inputs as necessary.


Product lifecycle management

1) New product listing management;

2) Establish a product competition strategy;

3) Poduct positioning and promotion;

4) Suggestions for product upgrades and launches.


basic requirements

1. Master's degree is preferred, excellent undergraduate students are accepted, and those with overseas students or learning experiences are better

2. Bimedical engineering, medicine, life sciences and other related majors;

3, have respiratory and urology medical equipment related work experience is preferred;

4. Proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing;

5. Have good communication and presentation skills and organizational coordination skills;

6, doing things with execution, good at analyzing and solving problems;

7. Excellent graduates are also acceptable.


Senior Image Algorithm Engineer

Shanghai | | Shanghai | | Minhang District - -

15000 - 25000


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operational area: Shanghai | | Shanghai | | Minhang District - - the nature of jobs:Full time the nature of jobs: 15000 - 25000

job requirements

1. Have more than 5 years of experience in medical image processing;

2. Extract the contour of the object based on the captured image to enhance the image effect;

3. or proficient in the AE algorithm;

4. Or FPGA for image processing (IQ & AE & OSD, etc.)


Job description

1. Responsible for algorithm design and image processing.

2. Other work assigned by the leadership.

Overseas market specialist

Shanghai | | Shanghai | | Minhang District - -

6000 - 11000


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operational area: Shanghai | | Shanghai | | Minhang District - - the nature of jobs:Full time the nature of jobs: 6000 - 11000

main duty

1. International market activities organization and arrangement

2. Market analysis and investigation

3. Market Information Management

4. The production of promotional materials and the development of publicity channels.


basic requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, international trade, foreign language, etc.

2. Fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing

3. Proficient in Microsoft office, PS, Ai and video processing software

4. Have good communication and organizational skills

5. Do things with execution, good at analyzing and solving problems

6. Experience in the medical device industry is preferred

7. Overseas living or learning experience is preferred

8. Particularly outstanding fresh graduates are also acceptable.



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