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In order to have a better customer service system and improve products' quality efficiently, Vathin will provide regular telephone follow-up and home visit service for all of our customers. After the products are sold, the marketing department will arrange sales or customer service personnel to visit or write to customers regularly or irregularly. In order to keep abreast of the customer's use of the product, after-sales information feedback, product quality and service satisfaction or other opinions will be timely completed. Besides, Vathin will also provide technical guidance on usage if our customers need it.


Secondly, Vathin ensures that the software involved in the product can enjoy Vathins software upgrade service. Once the normal software upgrade requirement initiated to us, the marketing department will notify the agents, send SD cards or mail upgrade packages, related technical guidance documents, and start video training, on-site guidance or on-site upgrade when necessary. After that, the marketing department will make a summary and feedback on the service process to ensure that every customer can get service.            


In addition, Vathin provides "three guarantees" or partial services according to the situation. For the spare parts required by the product, Vathin will also ensure the supply of spare parts and provide guidance.            


Finally, Vathin will reply customers' letters, calls, and answer customers' consultation in time. At the same time, Vathin will collect customers' opinions on products and services in various ways, and improve them in time according to the situation. Actively treat every customer's opinions, timely organize relevant departments to coordinate and handle, to ensure the smooth progress of customer work.


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