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Nice Job! Vathin's bronchoscopes won a "Popular Products Award"

Nice Job! Vathin's bronchoscopes won a "Popular Products Award"

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FIME is a both regional and international exhibition that attract 1200+ exhibiting companies、14119+ healthcare and trade professionals and 103 countries represented



Exhibition (FIME)has been held at Florida from Jun 26 to 28 and has a history of 28 years. FIME is a both regional and international exhibition that attract 1200+ exhibiting companies、14119+ healthcare and trade professionals and 103 countries represented. In addition to exhibitors and professional visitors from Florida, Fime attraced a large number of exhibitors and professional visitors from South American countries because of Miami's special location.

This time, Vathin exhibited five majory models of bronchoscopes. The wide-angle and high-quality of Vathin's H-sterile bronchoscopes received a lot of positive feedback. Vathin's products attracted the interest of distributors and pulmonologist from United States, Mexico, Europe, etc. Most of the visitors showed their intention to cooperate.

In the second half of this year, Vathin will launch a new generation of ENT products. Many customers and experts in the ENT field have also conducted in-depth discussions with us. We are very grateful to the fime for providing us a platform to have a discussion with dealers and doctors about the performance of ENT products.

Looking forward to the next exhibition,see you next time.





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