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Exhibition Review - ERS2019 has successfully concluded!

Exhibition Review - ERS2019 has successfully concluded!

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Vathin brought two different kinds of bronchoscopes at this exhibition to let visitors express their opinions and suggestions.

The four-day European Respiratory Society(ERS) Congress 2019 was held in Madrid and has successfully concluded.

The excitement of the exhibition is still vivid. Vathin is honored to participate the ERS Congress 2019 with 20,000 professionals in the field of respiratory from all over the world. The ERS Congress is one of the famous activities of interventional pulmonology, and the exhibition has always been the vane of respiratory associations around the world.

The ERS Congress brings together outstanding medical device companies and professionals in the respiratory field around the world. It provides an excellent platform for everyone to discuss the dynamics and research related to the respiratory field. At this exhibition, Vathin encountered traders, manufacturers, distributors and hospital procurement personnel in many countries. Vathin sincerely appreciates those who can stop by our booth and discuss with us the Vathin’s H-Steri bronchoscopes. The interests and valuable suggestions of those people will let us continue to move forward.

In order to have a better product quality and trial experience, Vathin brought two different kinds of bronchoscopes at this exhibition to let visitors express their opinions and suggestions. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for us. Vathin cherishes these precious proposals and works hard to improve the first generation of our bronchoscopes.

At this exhibition, Vathin was also full of harvest. Many distributors expressed their strong interests and most of them discussed with us in depth. We believe that Vathin's H-steri series of bronchoscopes will surely receive a lot of praise and go further. Looking forward to seeing you at ERS2020 next time in Vienna.

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