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Vathin-Medica Final Report

Vathin-Medica Final Report

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One of the distributors asked us what are the three main advantages and disadvantages of our products

Medica Trade Fair is the No.1 medical market platform for international business. According to their exhibitors and visitor numbers, Medica has been confirmed that their role as growth drivers for exports. Medica2019 attracts 5500 visitors and more than 90 per cent of the 121,000 trade visitors have decision-making authority. Two-thirds of the visitors came from abroad, representing some 170 countries. (Medica-tradefair.com, 2019)


It was the first time that Vathin have attend Medica Trade Fair. During the exhibition, visitors from more than 50 companies came to our booth and discussed the advantages of H-steri single-use bronchoscope. One of the distributors asked us what are the three main advantages and disadvantages of our products, we told him that we use the same materials as reusable bronchoscopes so our products are of good quality. Secondly, our products are very versatile and meet most of the needs of doctors. For example, H-steri single-use bronchoscopes can take photos and videos and you can also store them in SD card. In addition, we do have suction function, just like reusable one. Moreover, have a 90-degree rotation function, which greatly facilitates the operation of the doctor. Last but not least, our products are very cost-effective.


As for the disadvantages, the main point is that our product has not been well known by many people. Thats why we came to the Medica2019.


The slogan  Be Part of the No. 1 was embraced by experts from all areas of the health industry, who provided for a slight increase in the number of visitors to the fully utilised exhibition halls over the four days of the fair (Medica-tradefair.com, 2019)


In order to receive the feedback on bronchoscope tubes, we brought two different tubes at this exhibition. One is our own tube produced by our factory, one is the purchased tube. What makes us happy is that our customers are satisfied with our own tubes.This gives us the confidence to upgrade our products. So we are very grateful to be able to participate in this exhibition, as we can not only find customers but also receive market feedback directly.


Looking forward to seeing you next year!




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