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2020-02-17 17:40:48

The epidemic was not as severe as it is now before Jan 23. We have not yet had a detailed understanding of the severity of the epidemic although we have successively put on masks.
Arab Health 2020- When Vathin meets the Coronavirus

2019-04-01 11:00:00

ATS 2019 will be held from 17 May 2019 to 22 May 2019 at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas, 650 S Griffin St, Dallas, TX 75202.
The ATS 2019 International Conference - We Are Coming!

2019-02-01 15:50:00

Mishandling Flexible Endoscopes after Disinfection Can Lead to Patient Infections
ECRI Releases Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2019

2019-02-18 15:50:00

In 2013, physicians led by the Moffitt Center's Greene reported that endoscopes had transmitted an antibiotic-resistant pathogen to patients at two Tampa hospitals.
FDA Knew Devices Spread Fatal "Superbug"
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